The Converter AC/DC is exclusively designed to use with electronic transformer (11,5 VAC) for LED strips and LED lamps (12 VDC). In the case of use Converter AC/DC there is also a possibility to connect the LED sources with a rated voltage 12 VAC.

The Converter AC/DC should be connected only with Govena’s electronic transformers YT50/YT60, YT70 and YT105. It is possible to use Converter AC/DC with YT150, YT210 and YT250 by connecting several converters in parallel to the electronic transformer output (with uniform load per converter).

Auto-Recovering Protection:

Protection devices: overload circuit, temperature and short-circuit (YT electronic transformers).


Input voltage:                           11,5 VAC +/-10%, 0-35 kHz

Input current:                            ≤ 4,5 A

Output voltage:                        11,1 VDC +/- 10%

Rated power:                           50 W

Nominal output current:           ≤ 4,5 A

Output current range:              0 – 4,5 A

Protection degree:                   IP20

Ambient temperature ta:          max. 40 ºC

Case temperature tc:              max. 75 ºC

Dimensions:                            72x36x26 mm

Input wires:                              min. 2×1,0 mm2

Output wires:                           min. 2×1,0 mm2

Recommended load:

Cooperation with light dimmers:

GOVENA’s electronic transformer YT with the Converter AC/DC can be used for the adjustment of the LED light intensity by applying light dimmer.

Recommended light dimmers:

GOVENA’s Light Dimmers:










Maximal, theoretically allowed load which will work with dimmers of given maximum wattage (dimmer+YT+KYT50+LED strip):

In the case of use dimmable LED lamps do not exceed 30% of dimmer nominal load.

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