LED power supplies (series Z-LE)

High durability of LED light sources is only available when used with correct power supply. LED light sources require very stable low voltage power source designed for this type of light sources. With all this things in mind we create this professional power supply for LED light sources.


• High efficiency above 85 % for drivers 30W
• High power factor > 0.96 for driver Z- LED60-12CV and > 0.97 for Z-LED30-700CC
• Lifetime 30.000h
• Meet the requirements of the Ecodesign

• Innovative design – exceptional reliability and versatility
• Proper operation of power supplies in a temperature range from -20ºC to 40ºC
• Compact size
• Easy to mount
• No noise

• Reversible protections: short circuit, over voltage, overload and thermal
• Can be installed on surface of unknown flammability class
• Comparing with available products on the market Govena’s drivers meet EMC standards

How many LEDs you can use with LED driver constant current?
In data sheet is mentioned „Output/ Constant current range
e.g. for LED driver 15W/350mA maximum is from 8V to 44 V it means that all LED lamps with total voltage between 8V and 44V work properly with that LED driver.
How many LEDs can be used with LED driver depends on the total value of voltage of LED lamps.
LEDs must be connect in series circuit to constant current LED driver so the total value of voltage is sum of voltage of all LEDs.

Make sure the minimum voltage is not less than 8V:
1 LED 8V
2 LEDs 4V
3 LEDs 3V
4 LEDs 2V

If LEDs have less than allowed value of minimum voltage than LEDs flicker or just give less light.
In any case, it will not damage led driver due to protection devices built into it.

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EC Declaration of conformity SLIM constant voltage

EC Declaration of conformity SLIM constant current

EC Declaration of conformity IP64 constant voltage    

EC Declaration of conformity IP64 constant current