Light dimmers
We offer a wide range of electronic dimmers in 4 groups :
• PROP push-rotary dimmer ; for incandescent loads, 230-V and 12-V halogen loads with conventional transformers
• PROPM push-rotary dimmer with microprocessor ; for any load
• PROT touch dimmer ; for any load
• PROI IR-controlled and/or touch dimmer ; for any load

  • economy:
    approximate 40% decrease in energy bills due to the possibility of dimming
    soft ignition which considerably prolongs light source lifetime
    high efficiency – low self-losses
  • safety:
    230-V mains protections preventing the dimmer from damage
    Reversible protections: short circuit, thermal and 3-level overload
  • convenience:
    brightness regulation with any type of remote control PROI
    the latest brightness level is saved for subsequent switching on co-operation with PROS 1 control modules in intelligent stairs-cross installations (PROI, PROT)
  • versatility:
    microprocessors allow to work with any load type
    work in a wide range of loads – normally up to 600W

We also offer special version of dimmers PROT and PROI with many additional functions, i.e. economy , security , nursery
„economy” – timer-controlled switching off
„security” – simulation of user presence, self-acting periodic work
„nursery” – gradual dimming to absolute darkness for up to 1 hour

Data sheets

Classification of dimmers