SMT eguipment


SMT eguipment
FUJI SMD placement machines:


Capacity:                 24,000 c/h
PCB size :               max. 457x356mm
Component range:  0402 – PLCC44
CP6E, CP643E            
Capacity:                             40,000 c/h
PCB size:                              max. 457x356mm
Component range:             0402 – PLCC44
CP IP II            
 Capacity:0,7sec/chip 2,8sec/IC 4,0sec/component taken from tray Component range:0603 – 74x74mm PCB size:max. 457x356mm Vibration feeders and tray stations.
NXT (6 modules configuration)            
Single module capacity:21,000 c/h
PCB size:max. 508x356mm
Component range:0603 – 74x74mm
 GL V (glue dispenser)
Capacity:27,000 points/h
PCB size:   max. 457x356mm
ELECTROVERT OmniFlex 7 (reflow/glue curing oven)            
Min./max. rails width: 50,8mm / 508mm
PCB support height adjustment.
7 heating and 2 cooling zones.
Max. operating temperature: 350ºC
MPM Momentum (stencil printer)      
Max. print area:609,6 x 508mm
Print speed:up to 305mm/sec
Stencil frame size:737 x 737mm
All equipment is configured into complete manufacturing lines